Twisted Tales

Mrs Emma Snow, Head of English

1st July 2022

Year 6 boys have put their writing skills to the test in the latest mini saga challenge from Young Writers. This is the challenge they responded to:

Can your students flip the narrative and write from a new point of view? Twisted Tales is a fantastic way to explore character perspectives through creative writing. How much does a story change if we change the point of view? Twisted Tales: A New Point Of View is a fantastic opportunity to flip the script and explore another side of the story.

Well done to all the boys. We have many entries ready to be sent off for publication and are proud of the quality of the writing - as well as the original ideas.
To make it even more fun, we have held our own school competition and the 7P boys chose these winners: 
(N.b. Some of the stories are very dark and twisted and so come with an age recommendation of Year 5+)

Diabolical by Charlie

How does this perfect, blonde-haired, blue-eyed girl always get off the hook? This is the fifth time she has destroyed our home, but the police don’t believe it because she appears so angelic.  

I was going to the chief of police when my wife called and said that Goldi had done it yet again. I stormed into the chief’s office, nostrils flared. “Goldilocks is a criminal!” I bellowed. 

        “What? My daughter? Never! She is as good as gold,” the chief replied, indignantly.  

There she stood: a diabolical smile on her face.  

She whispered, menacingly, “We meet again, Daddy Bear.” 


Magic Mushrooms by Oliver

I was hungry, I was starving, I was ravenous – I needed food. That is why I ate those blasted mushrooms. The few measly crumbs I had possessed were now lying on the forest floor to guide me home in the moonlight.  Weak and exhausted, darkness overwhelmed me.  


My eyes adjusted to the scene around me. Stunned, my sister sat on the mossy earth.  

Memories, like spiky needles, penetrated my mind. Dark visions of my actions began to form. 

“Did it really happen, sister?” 

She whispered, “Yes. You ate her house, you stole her money, you burnt her body. Remember?” 


Cured by Tom

The plan was going smoothly, or so the piglets thought. As soon as Mr Wolf climbed the chimney, he saw it: the boiling pot of water. He imagined the pigs sniggering while eating him for dinner; he wasn’t going to let that happen. He placed his large, furry, rounded bottom on top of the chimney. Smoke started filling the room below. The pigs began frantically coughing. Later that evening, Mrs Wolf asked, “what’s for dinner, my dear?”  

“Smoked Bacon,” chuckled her husband. 


Lunch  by Dara

Who knows if I will ever escape this blasted tower? For the optics, my parents fabricated my kidnapping and hired this ‘witch’, my counsellor. She says it’s for my own safety. But, I’ll be safe – I’m not sure about others.  

So, I’ve been imprisoned here like a lost memory…  


She will never set me free. She knows I’ll never change or lose my ravenous appetite.  

I lick the thick remains of blood off the cold, mossy walls. Heavenly. Tossing down my golden, rope-like hair for the figure glaring up, I rub my hands together.  

Mm, delicious. Lunch!