Solefield Wins Chess Meet

Mr Fenning, Director of Music

12th October 2022

Well done to the Solefield Chess team who played against Radnor House this week, with a brilliantly fantastic result. Both schools brought a 10 player team from years 3-6, with Solefield boys starting as white on even numbered boards as follows:

Board 1: Richard K

Board 2: Felix T

Board 3: Theo D

Board 4: Freddie C 

Board 5: Ben D

Board 6: Raefe D

Board 7: Maxwell E

Board 8: Aalim ST

Board 9: Daniel L 

Board 10: Oliver F

All the students on both teams played a strong game however, the Solefield team were able to force a win by checkmate on all 10 boards!

All matches started and ended with a handshake and were played under junior tournament rules.