Table Tennis Parent Social

Mr Henry, Year 3 Teacher

13th January 2023

On Wednesday evening, the Solefield hall was transformed into an arena of skill, fun and excitement with the second parents' and staff table tennis social event.

It was a great opportunity to christen the five new Joola tables and bats, which were so generously donated by one of our own parents!

It was wonderful to see a mixture of both mums and dads from a range of year groups participating. We played mini tournaments, firstly, with our strong hand and then a second with our weaker hand. It was both competitive and friendly and enjoyable for all.

Mr Cramp was the star of the night, winning both tournaments with exceptional sportsmanship to boot. If you are interested in joining us for the next one and fancy hitting a ball back and forwards, whilst enjoying a refreshing beverage, then please sign up for the next one!

Ka Kite Ano ('See you later' in NZ Maori).