Solefield celebrates Young Writers winner

Mrs Snow, Head of English

20th January 2023

Last week, we were thrilled to discover that Tom Lewis has become one of the summer winners of the Young Writers Twisted Tales mini saga competition.  This competition attracts many thousands of students from all over the country and so it is an impressive accomplishment to be selected. Tom's mini saga can be read by going onto their website here.


The plan was going smoothly, or so the piglets thought. As soon as Mr Wolf climbed the chimney, he saw it: the boiling pot of water. He imagined the pigs sniggering while eating him for dinner; he wasn't going to let that happen. He placed his large, furry, rounded bottom on top of the chimney. Smoke started filling the room below. The pigs began frantically coughing. 

Later that evening, Mrs Wolf asked, "What's for dinner, my dear?"

"Smoked bacon," chuckled her husband.

We congratulate Tom on his success and hope that (in his new school) he continues to delight his readers with his incredible stories. Keep up the fantastic writing, Tom!