Spotlight on Staff - Mr Budden

Mrs Henry

13th October 2020

Head of Mathematics

1. Where did you work before coming to Solefield?

Before coming to Solefield I worked in London for a number of years. At my previous school (Kew College) I was Head of Science and Head of Upper School as well as teaching Maths to the top end of the school. I have also worked in schools in Notting Hill and Twickenham.

2. How different is Solefield to your last school?

Firstly, it’s an all boys school whereas I have taught in co-ed schools up until now. Also, my last school was an 11+ school so finished at Year 6. Although I have taught at schools going up to Year 8, Solefield has a very different feel and atmosphere to any of the schools I have taught before. The staff have been so welcoming and friendly, and we are all trying to cope with the rules and regulations due to Covid.

3. What do you like to do in your spare time?

Primarily, I like to play and watch sport. During the Winter I played football (until I injured my knee) and in the Summer I enjoy playing cricket. I will watch any sport, especially major events like the Olympics, Six Nations and various World Cups. I like going for cycles if the weather is nice and should get back to the gym. We also enjoy going the theatre and cinema.

4. Tell us something unique about you.

I caught a hammerhead shark while in New Zealand. (It was only a baby and we did put it straight back in the water!)

5. What inspired you to become a Maths teacher?

I love solving problems and spotting patterns. Also, when training to become a primary school teacher, I found lots of trainees had a real ‘fear’ of Maths. I always found it interesting and wanted to pass that approach onto the students I taught and not try to perpetuate the notion that Maths was something to be scared of. I was very lucky to have some excellent Maths teachers when I was growing up and always felt as though I owed a lot to them. I wanted to help teachers and students become the best Mathematicians they could – to be part of the solution, not add to the problem of those children who did not enjoy their Maths.

6. What is your favourite food and why?

There are so many to choose! Most of my favourite foods come with associated memories: eating Cornish pasties on cold windy holidays, roast dinners with friends and family, homemade pizzas...I could go on!