Year 7 Wales Trip

Mrs Payne & Year 7

3rd May 2024

Year 7 had a fantastic week in Wales on their residential trip.  Here are some comments from each of our Year 7 pupils who share their week-long adventures!

Lucas: "On Monday we set off on our drive from Sevenoaks to North Wales. We stopped about halfway, where we all bought meals from KFC, Burger King and Greggs. When we got to our destination we had a tour of the hostel. Afterwards we faced the first challenge of our trip - making our own beds! Quite a few of us got stuck in the duvet cover!" 

Arlo: "The food at Rhyd – y- Creau was amazing. We had a large variety of food for breakfast such as a full English and we also had a choice of many different cereals too. After breakfast, we were able to make our own packed lunch. There were so many different sandwich fillings. Overall, the food in Wales was fantastic!" 

Thomas: "The hostel was very nice and had great staff, who were very friendly. The rooms were a little small, but the grounds were fantastic and they even had a football pitch." 

Alex K: "My favourite part of the trip was spending time with friends and being with them for several days and nights. I enjoyed that a lot." 

Max: "It was a great social time as we got to choose who we shared a room with. We were also able to spend some money and buy gifts, such as sweets and cheese from the slate mine!" 

Raefe: "Each day, after dinner we would play football, it was always fun! of the other schools would come and play. The best part was that the game was always fair because Mr Farmery was refereeing. There is no better ref!" 

William: "In the hostel lounge area, we spent a lot of time dancing and had loads of fun. It was nice to have a choice of activities to do in our free time." 

Harvey - "On the 2nd day we did a river study where we measured the upper, middle and lower sections of the river Conwy. Some of us were waist deep in the cold freezing water and it was amazing!" 

Dominic: "We measured the river by using certain pieces of equipment. The first task was the measure the width of the river, which was my favourite because you had to wade all the way to the other side of the river." 

Alex F: "On Wednesday we explored the Centre for Alternative Technology (C.A.T.) We learnt about hydropower and how they used their reservoir to produce power for the centre. Many of the roofs were equipped with solar panels and we learnt about sustainable building methods. It was an excellent day!" 

Ted: "We also had some time to explore the CAT site on our own and we found an underground tunnel with a giant model mole in it. We also saw a seat powered by a small wind propeller which made the seat go up and down." 

Oliver: "After exploring CAT, we took part in a wind workshop, where we tried to create the most effective wind turbine. After many failed prototypes and disappointing results, 2 teams drew on the most energy produced."  

Benji: "After our visit to CAT we drove to Barmouth and played football on the beach. Some of us opted to play on the beach rather than play football. We dug a big hole in the sand and managed to find water at the bottom! Afterwards we went to a fish and chip cafe and had a delicious meal." 

Raphael: "At the slate mines, we learnt about the miners' lives, how they lived and how much they earnt.  My favourite phrase, that miners used to say was, “when the penny drops”. This is from when the miners used to put a penny in the cracks of the roof and when it dropped they knew the rock was expanding." 

Hugo: "After our slate mine visit, we travelled to the mountains and we stopped to look at Snowdon – 1085 m tall. We then parked and walked up a steep footpath until we reached Cwm Idwal. A beautiful lake part way up the hillside." 


It was a great trip and we all really enjoyed it!