Welcome to Solefield Pre-Prep

Mrs Goodwin, Head of Pre-Prep

10th April 2021

The Pre-Prep here at Solefield is a very special place. Having worked here for five years I can think of nowhere else I would rather be. Each morning as I welcome the boys to school, it warms my heart to see them arriving with huge smiles on their faces, skipping happily up the school drive with their friends, eagerly anticipating the fun-filled day ahead.

The Pre-Prep staff form a happy and supportive team and we strongly believe that to enable each boy to achieve their full potential, a close relationship between home and school is essential. We pride ourselves on being a real family and strive to create a happy, caring and safe environment.

On joining the Solefield family in Reception, boys are nurtured and cared for, their well-being and happiness at the heart of all we do. Our core values, ‘Value yourself. Value others. Value our world’ are woven in to daily school life through weekly Relationship Sex and Health Education (RSHE) lessons, regular assemblies, house meetings and half-termly Mindful Mondays. The boys’ efforts are celebrated with Headmistress Awards, Kindness Awards and plenty of housepoints! The individual care and attention given to each child ensures that they are happy, confident and polite and this shines out in abundance as you walk round the school and are greeted by friendly, smiling faces from Reception right the way up to our Year 8 pupils.

Every day in Pre-Prep is different. Mornings traditionally start with Phonics, Reading, Literacy and Maths with a Teaching Assistant in each class, dedicated to working alongside the class teacher to support individual groups. Class sizes are small, allowing lessons to be tailor made to target each and every child’s needs. Throughout the week, children attend PE, French, Art and Music lessons taught by specialist teachers. The children also have the opportunity to learn a different instrument each year in their music lessons, starting with the Violin in Reception, the Ocarina in Year 1 and the Recorder in Year 2. We are privileged to have a super team of peripatetic teachers, allowing the children to experience a wide range of musical instruments throughout their time at school. One of my favourite times of the year is watching the informal music concerts put on by each year group from Year 1 upwards where the boys showcase their musical talents and growing confidence with each passing year.

Monday afternoons consist of swimming lessons for Year 1 and 2 with Reception courageously dipping their toes into the water in the Spring Term for their weekly lessons. The boys also participate in Outdoor Learning lessons and we brave the elements all year round, exploring and learning from the seasons and environment changes around us.  Outdoor lessons are also linked closely to the curriculum. We believe children thrive when their learning is fuelled by a spirit of adventure which motivates them to become more independent learners in life.

To extend and enhance the children’s learning we organise topic related school outings at least once a term for each year group such as a trip to Chessington Aquarium for Reception to link with their Under the Sea topic, a visit to Leeds Castle in Year 1 to introduce the topic of Kings and Queens, a meeting with Boudicca at the Museum of Kent Life for Year 2 to further immerse them into their learning about the Celts, with an exciting trip at the end of the school year for the whole of Pre-Prep.

All this fun and learning throughout the day is interrupted only for our family style lunch where each year group sits together with their class teacher and teaching assisant to enjoy a delicious hot meal, giving time to talk about their day so far before heading out into the playground for some well-earned playtime. As if all this isn’t enough, the day ends with a variety of clubs which the boys can attend. From Lego Club to Craft Club, there is something for everyone and it seems that the boys never want their days to end; indeed, one little boy regularly tells me on a Friday that he is sad that it is the weekend as he loves being in school so much – the absolute truth!

It is a real honour to be part of such a wonderful Pre-Prep and to watch the little people who join us at the age of 4, grow in confidence and develop their independence to become confident, outgoing learners, ready to widen their horizons and take the next step on their learning journey into Prep School.

I could talk all day about how fantastic Solefield Pre-Prep is, but that cannot compare to actually seeing it in action. Please do attend our next Open Morning and come to see for yourselves what a magical place it is. Click here to register