Learning at Solefield

Outstanding classroom practice is central to our success, along with fostering an all-encompassing love of learning. These, and our enrichment of the academic curriculum, produce happy, inquisitive boys with the confidence to learn successfully. Dedicated and caring staff individualise the learning programme for each boy whilst taking the time and effort to get to know him, personally and academically. We encourage assiduous and frequent questioning and we instil the resolution to improve. 

In recent years, we have been establishing a school-wide learning culture designed to cultivate particular habits of mind.  Specifically students will become life-long learners and develop the necessary transferable skills that will equip them for the fast-changing life beyond Solefield.

We have an excellent staff of subject specialists who deliver exciting and clearly differentiated lessons. To enrich our teaching further, we have enhanced digital delivery of lessons and introduced iPads. Pupils enjoy Pupil Progress Interviews, greater individualised differentiation and an improved programme of self and peer assessment.

Through regular in-service training, a comprehensive programme of mentoring, observation and review, established teaching methods are continually challenged and modified.

Staff and Governors systematically observe lessons, asking questions about the level of students’ emotional commitment, the degree to which their learning capacities are being stretched cognitively, their social sophistication as learners and their capacity to reflect strategically about themselves and their learning. Teachers and students at Solefield are working closely to develop dynamic teaching methods and frameworks that will stimulate and guide the boys’ development. We are very excited that we are to have our first pupil-led observation and feedback of lessons to teachers this year.

At Solefield, we provide a modern and dynamic classroom environment whilst maintaining and encouraging the traditional values of teaching and learning of a highly successful and well-established Prep School. 

It is our aim to exercise and stretch all of our boys’ minds so they acquire a love for learning. We aim to work closely with parents to get the very best for the pupil. We also strive to ensure that the pupil is given the ability and motivation to take ownership of his own learning through developing his independence and giving him a strong sense of self-esteem and an inquiring mind.