Results 2013

Scholarships Awarded

Sevenoaks School Scholarships
1 Academic Scholarship
1 Art Scholarship
2 Academic Scholarship Exemptions

Tonbridge School Scholarships
1 Academic Scholarship
1 Drama Scholarship

Sutton Valence Scholarship
1 Drama Scholarship

St Edmund's Canterbury Scholarship
1 Canterbury Cathedral Chorister Scholarship

Common Entrance, 13+

6 boys to Sevenoaks School
3 boys to Tonbridge School
2 boys to Lingfield College
1 boy to Brighton College
1 boy to King's Taunton
1 boy to Haileybury
1 boy to St Andrew's, Maryland, USA

11+ Destinations

2 boys to The Judd School
5 boys to The Skinners' School
1 boy to Sevenoaks School
1 boy to Tunbridge Wells Boys' Grammar
1 boy to King's Rochester
1 boy to Millfield Preparatory School
1 boy to Wellington School