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Drama at Solefield School, Sevenoaks

2020-06-22 | General

Drama at Solefield School, Sevenoaks     At Solefield, we are lucky to have a wonderful Head of Drama who, as well as being a talented and recognised actor in her own right, is ...

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Music at Solefield School

2020-06-18 | Music

Music at Solefield School At Solefield, pupils start music lessons from the age of four when all our children have one singing and theory lesson per week with the Director of Music and another ...

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"Sharp” Skills for Life

2020-06-16 | General

The World Economic Forum claims that the top ten skills employees will need in 2020 are cognitive flexibility, negotiation, service-orientation, judgement and decision-making, emotional intelligen...

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Solefield School, where small is beautiful

2020-06-01 | General

Britain has the biggest primary school classes in the developed world. State primary schools in the UK now have an average of 28 pupils. There has been a 29% increase in the number of pupils in classe...

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Coronavirus – why the subjects we learn at school are so important: a blog for the pupils

2020-05-12 | General

This message is about the power of education and the impact that knowledge and skilled workers have had over the course of history. 100 years ago, the world was coming out of a pandemic known as the S...

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Solefield School, where it is "cool to be kind"

2020-04-20 | General

Our aim at Solefield is to nurture kind, honest, gentle young men with good manners and a strong sense of integrity. Our recent ISI report found that, “pupils have a strong understanding of mora...

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Why do we have a Fictional Reading Initiative at Solefield?

2020-04-13 | Academic

At Solefield, as well as having many instances where older children read with younger ones, a wonderful Book Week, visiting authors, reading cinemas, competitions and our fabulous library, we encourag...

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Northern Lights: 11 lessons we can take from Finnish schools

2020-04-06 | Academic

At this time of adapting our teaching and learning at Solefield to take our curriculum online, it pays to think about what really matters in education. In Finland, schools manage to get high achieveme...

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8 reasons why we teach Latin at Solefield

2020-04-03 | Academic

I have spent some time over “lockdown” teaching my daughters some rudimentary Latin. Like the vast majority of school pupils in 2020, they would not ordinarily get to learn it at school. W...

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Connected Learning for Parents

2020-03-25 | Academic

As we enter the second day of “lockdown”, I thought it might be useful for us to reflect on the best ways to help our young people through the strange and uncertain weeks ahead. Don&...

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