Your Country Needs You

by ES

On 16th November, in remembrance of the Armistice, Quantum Theatre came to Solefield to perform 'Your Country Needs You', a play about WWI interspersed with scenes and vignettes with songs and poems from the time. Here is what our boys had to say about it:


"The play was unique because there were more than fifteen characters but they were played by only two actors." (Miko, Y6)


"It was unbelievably good and energetic." (Harvey, Harry and Finlay, Y6)


"It was very accessible to children and it was funny." (Joshua,Y6)


"I like it because we got involved in the action of it. I went up to enlist and went to war." (Freddie Y6)


"I believe that this play was an amazing experience to watch and the comedic value was at a perfect balance with the historic value." (Ben W Y7)